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Posted -  8/21/2018  :  12:14:07 PM
According to two clinical studies, the majority of people who are prescribed best price xanax by a medical professional do not develop a substance use disorder. However, it is fairly common for users to become physically dependent, which equates to an addiction to best price xanax . Physical dependence means the body has become accustomed to the drug and escalating doses are required to attain the intended results.8 Even after a relatively short period of use at recommended doses for the treatment of transient anxiety and anxiety disorder, there is some risk of dependence. Psychological dependence is well documented with some users experiencing considerable difficulty reducing and discontinuing use of best price xanax , especially at higher doses for extended periods of time.9 Data suggests that the risk of dependence and its severity appears to be more pronounced in clients treated with doses of more than 4 mg/day and in excess of 12 weeks. There are several symptoms associated with long-term use of a benzodiazepine-based drug. I've taken xanax regularly for ~5 years. Having to deal with severe family issues, my general anxiety disorder has ramped up considerably these past 5 years. My dosage varies, as I take it as needed. Some days I take 1mg and many days I take none at all. I probably average .25mg/day and it has been extremely beneficial to me. Even on my worst days I realize that taking more won't help, and I will just have to get through that day at a maximum of 1mg. For me, xanax has been a very helpful tool in my turbulent life and as things start to level out, my usage decreases. xanax: How Addiction Starts. We live in a consumer culture amenable to �taking a pill for whatever ails you� and one in which there is a pervasive perception that prescription drugs are less harmful than illicit drugs. This has contributed to increasing numbers of people becoming addicted to prescription drugs such as xanax.5 People without a prescription often abuse this drug and other benzodiazepines for their fast-acting sedative and relaxing effects. There have been a limited number of studies analyzing factors that might increase one�s risk of abusing or becoming addicted to benzodiazepines. A Norwegian study found that a greater number of people who started on alprazolam became excessive users compared to those starting on any other benzodiazepine.6 Other research indicated that the most common abusers of alprazolam are cocaine and heroin addicts who use the drug to sleep, and adolescents who take the drug with alcohol to reach an altered state of euphoria, lethargy and reduced inhibitions or a type of high.7 Life saver for me. BUT only because I take it when I truly need it. I suffer from day to day anxiety but I do not take it for that. I try to get rid of anxiety other natural ways. But I do suffer from severe panic attacks, especially night time. So I only take it when I am having an attack. I am on the lowest dose possible ( xanax 0.25 ) and I can get away with taking even just half of that sometimes. It takes the edge off very fast and I feel so much better shortly after. Take it on average 1-2 times a month, sometime less, rarely more. Extremely addictive med so I urge you to stay away from it for daily use or if you have an addictive personality. 

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