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Posted -  8/21/2018  :  12:27:50 PM
For High Blood Pressure After being hospitalized for very high BP that my other medications weren't able to control -- I was prescribed .5 of cheap norvasc capsules online. Within 3 hours, my BP was down to 70/ 52, and continued to drop to 68/ 42 with my pulse going as low as 40 bpm. I came very close to calling 911, but after a couple of hours of drinking water -- I was able to get the BP up to around 90/65. Obviously I will not take this medicine again -- and feel that the side effect for it wasn't given For High Blood Pressure The medicine works rapidly and the 5mg daily dosage is still effective for me after several years of treatment. There's only been a few occasions that I've experienced any side effects after the first few initial doses of medicine. The one I experienced most was sleepiness. Otherwise, I take one pill every evening at bedtime and I'm fine until the next dose. Yes, norvasc lowered my BP, but after 15 days on this drug my feet and ankles swelled up and I experienced lower leg pains. Took myself off this drug 10 days ago. Side effects ALMOST all gone but BP is now up again to 145/80. I will look for a NATURAL method tp lower my BP. I'm tired of side effects! I took Novasc 2.5 mg 1 tab in the evening for high blood presure for 3 days. I had the following side effects with no reduction in BP: headache, drowsiness, dizziness all the time with very drizzy when standing up, nausea, diarhea, urinating every 15 minutes, insomnia, and very strange dreams (night mares). I will never take this drug again. 

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