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Awards and Patents

MDSI's OpenCNC® software CNC, running in production since 1993, was not only the first production-proven, hardware-independent, unbundled CNC software on the market, it was also the first CNC product to be packaged and marketed exclusively as software.

This unique technology, which now incorporated in the WinMotion® software for general motion control applications, provides a completely software motion control across virtually any kind of machine tool, without using any proprietary hardware or motion control cards.

Here is a list of award won by MDSI.

  • Winner of the 2001 Technology and Business Vision Award from Start Magazine
  • Winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2001 Market Leadership Award for Control Software
  • Called one of the "Hot New Technologies for American Factories" by FORTUNE Magazine (June 26, 2000)
  • Named Innovators of the 1990s by American Machinist Magazine, in the magazine's 20th Century Milestones in American Manufacturing, selecting the top manufacturing innovation in each decade of the 20th century
  • Recipient of Readers Choice Award for 2000, Modern Application News
  • Winner of the 1999 Technology and Business Vision Award from Microsoft and start Magazine
  • Named market leader in software CNCs (ARC Special Report: MDSI Leads an Industrial Revolution in Computer Numerical Controls; November, 1998)
  • Winner of the 1998 Market Engineering Entrepreneurial Company Award from Frost & Sullivan, an international industry analyst for the factory automation industry

Patented Technology - MDSI Holds Three Patents

The first patent, for the real-time collection and distribution of machine and manufacturing process data across a network, was received in the early 1990s—Internet-enabled manufacturing technology that pre-dated the Internet.

The second patent, for dynamic configuration, allows MDSI's core motion software to be configured to run any class of machine, with any number of axes and any number of job streams. This makes MDSI's soft motion technology applicable across all industries requiring motion: metalcutting machine tools, electronics/semiconductor production equipment, and general motion machines such as test/measurement equipment.

The third patent recognizes MDSI's unique Application Programming Interface (API) within the core architecture which allows unprecedented read/write access by third-party programmers.

The Result: a universal soft motion control that frees users from dependence on proprietary hardware and provides real-time collection and distribution of machine data across a network.

MDSI's business strategy emphasizes technological and price/performance leadership, hardware independence and comprehensive customer support.

MDSI Patents

Collection and distribution of machine and manufacturing process data across a network

Dynamic configuration/multiple job streams

Automatic variable linkage mechanism for integrating third party software components